A New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! We’ll start this year with some picture of a young chap starting his journey into Krav Magen.


5th Annual No Egos Martial Arts Seminar

We’ll be one of the 5 clubs to be presenting at the 5th Annual No Egos Martial Arts Seminar

For more information take a look here https://www.facebook.com/events/1507709539519337/

no egos


Krav Magen Workshops 2015

The Krav Magen Workshops held in June 2015 conducted by Grand Master Avi Abeceedon and David Reznik were a complete success! Krav Magen students were graded and received their Yellow Belts directly from Avi Abeceedon himself. David also received his Senior Instructors level.

Here are some images

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Gun Defense

Revised dates for Grand Masters Australian Tour

It has been confirmed!!
Avi Abeceedon will be arriving June 2nd to AUSTRALIA!

Melbourne courses:
3-7th of June Instructors and A.I part ONE
11-14th of June Instructors and A.I part TWO

Krav Magen Seminar 2015

OFFICIAL Krav Maga Assistant and Instructor Course


The OFFICIAL Krav Maga Assistant and Instructor certification and diploma from the International Academy of Sports and Martial arts at Wingate institute, recognised by the Israeli government and following the Australian guidelines.
With over 45 years experience,  the courses will be run by Grand Master Avi Abeceedon himself; Chairman of the Martial arts and Head of the Krav Maga division at Wingate insitue Israel.

This course is being held in Melbourne by Krav Maga Oz, follow the link for more details.

Website Launch

We’re pretty happy to launch the website for the Perth based arm of Krav Magen Israeli.

Hope you like it.